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Tchaikovsky  | The Nutcracker, Act II,"Danse of the Mirlitons"
Performed by Eastern Music Festival Young Artists Orchestra
Bianca Celine Pratte, flute & Vanessa Lopez, flute
00:00 / 00:29
Samuel Zyman | Sonata No.1
I. Allegro Assai (excerpt)

Vanessa Lopez, flute & Vahan Sargsyan, piano
00:00 / 05:16


Clara Schumann | Three Romances, Op.22
I. Andante Molto

Vanessa Lopez, flute & Vahan Sargsyan, piano
Malcolm Arnold | Divertimento for Wind Trio, I. Allegro Energico
Performed by Zephyrus Trio
Vanessa Lopez, flute; Eli Stefanacci, oboe; & Jacob Freiman, clarinet
Jan van der Roost | Sonatina Piccola
III. Finale Frizzante

Vanessa Lopez, piccolo & Vahan Sargsyan, piano
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